3D360 Virtual Tours: 2023 Report


In an era of rapid digital development, institutions and businesses are faced with the need to introduce new technologies into their work, thereby maintaining their competitiveness and providing customers with an innovative and interactive experience. Looking back on the past year, we have summarized several industries in which private and public sector organizations operate for which we have developed virtual tours 3D360 .

Museums, cinema, fashion and art galleries

Last year we developed several virtual tours for cultural and entertainment businesses such as Apollo Kino and Splendid Palace. Virtual tours offer museums the ability to create and deliver interactive experiences in which visitors can enjoy art and cultural heritage from around the world, and the tours are maintained and available to visitors longer, even as exhibitions and compositions change. In the film and fashion industries, virtual tours allow people to immerse themselves and enjoy exclusive tours of properties they wouldn’t be able to visit in real life, as well as experience the latest fashion trends without leaving home.

Baths and SPA

Virtual tours are an effective tool for attracting customers also for holiday service providers. Baths and spas use virtual tours to showcase their services and ambiance to potential clients , offering virtual tours of the interior spaces with information points that teach potential visitors about a variety of relaxing treatments.

Shops and furniture trade

Virtual Tour is a distance seller that provides customers around the world with a convenient shopping experience. In the furniture retail and retail industry, virtual tours allow customers to get acquainted with a wide range of products, check in 3D 360-degree format how the furniture fits into the room, and also make purchases on the company’s website without leaving home

Real estate

In the real estate industry, virtual tours have become an integral tool in allowing potential buyers and tenants to view a property from all angles, thereby making virtual tours an effective and compelling sales tool. Last year, we developed virtual tours for both apartments in new projects and grand and spacious private houses.

Projects of engineers and architects

Engineers and architects use virtual tours to visualize and present their projects to clients, giving them the opportunity to view a potential building or infrastructure project before actual construction begins. The 3D360 virtual tours we developed served as a visualization tool both for projects that have already served their purpose and require renovation, as well as for new masterpieces of architecture that need to be captured in order to preserve 3D floor plans for the future indefinitely.

Sports clubs, halls and grounds

Last year we implemented several projects related to sports, which were created for different purposes. Sports clubs offer virtual tours to allow interested parties to view the facilities, equipment, equipment and services offered, as well as to gain an understanding of the advertising opportunities available in sports halls. In addition to the above, virtual tours provide regular visitors with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the evacuation plan in advance , since in 3D format the information is much easier to perceive and, if necessary, the risk of a threat is significantly reduced.

Private virtual tours

Private virtual tours are individual projects that are developed for various purposes. Such virtual tours are not made available to the public, as they are created exclusively for internal needs and internal use by clients. They are not published, but most often they are created with the purpose of sending 3D visualizations to their partners or storing information about the range of goods if, after a while, it is necessary to return the previous arrangement in the room.

Castles, estates, guest houses

Virtual tours offer the opportunity to visit historical sites such as castles, manors and guest houses, providing the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of both the interior architecture and the natural surroundings. Last year, several large projects were implemented in which luxurious castles and estates were digitized, as well as cozy guest houses, which today successfully use virtual tours to attract the attention of visitors online .

Nature trails and environmental features

We also scan the environment, which means we immortalize natural parks, gardens and other environmental objects, of course, this is only possible in the warm season, when weather conditions favorable for 3D scanning persist. Nature trails and natural reservoirs can offer virtual tours so that people can enjoy the beauty of nature and visualizations that are as close to reality as possible.

Metalworking production and workshops

Manufacturing and metalworking shops can use virtual tours to demonstrate their operations and facilities and provide insight into the production process. The 3D team developed a virtual tour for a manufacturer of modular houses, which at a foreign exhibition, using augmented reality glasses , invited visitors to stay in its production and in a modular house.

Restaurants, bars and kitchens

Restaurants and bars can offer virtual tours so interested people can check out their food and décor and make reservations online. We have written about this industry more than once, since virtual tours undoubtedly and definitely increase the number of reservations. In addition, by integrating a virtual tour into Google Maps , you can also “catch” new customers who are planning a trip and online getting acquainted with the opportunities available in the area to enjoy a meal.

Educational institutions

Schools and educational institutions are using virtual tours to allow potential students and their parents to tour school facilities, as well as experience the facilities available in the course and vocational education offerings. Also in this industry, a virtual tour serves as a reliable assistant in visualizing an evacuation plan.

Social projects

Social projects and entertainment businesses can use virtual tours to offer interactive experiences and educational activities for people of different age groups. As one of our social projects, we can mention the virtual tour of the Doctor Clown premises, which we developed and created for free to provide young visitors with an interactive and unique experience.

Tractor and boat shops

Trade is not limited to offering standard products, but service providers in specific niches, such as tractor and boat shops, can offer virtual tours of their premises and workshops so that customers can view the offer and make purchases online.

Funeral service agencies

Yes, and we developed such non-standard projects last year! Although, at first glance, it may seem that such a virtual tour has no practical application, nevertheless, by digitizing the premises of a funeral service agency, it is possible to convey to clients information about all the services and opportunities offered, which can be very useful in difficult times of life, and can help avoid unnecessary personal visits and greatly facilitate and simplify funeral planning.

Hospitals and medical institutions

Healthcare providers use virtual tours to allow patients to become familiar with the clinic’s facilities and medical equipment, providing a virtual experience of the clinic before their first treatment or consultation. In addition, digital copies of hospitals help clients plan before their visit how to most conveniently get to the desired department or doctor’s office. 

Virtual tour 3D360

In our digitized world, 3D360 virtual tours have become an invaluable tool for businesses across a variety of industries, providing the ability to offer unique and inspiring experiences to customers around the world. Based on the growth in demand, we can predict that virtual tours will remain relevant and activities will develop more and more successfully in the future.

In the “Projects” section of our website you can familiarize yourself with virtual tours in order to more fully appreciate the benefits they offer. If you have any questions, you may be able to find answers in our FAQ section.

Our team is always ready, whether technically complex or primitive, to share information and talk about solutions in the field of virtual tours .

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