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Our mission is to create a whole new experience for you and your customers. It is an opportunity to discover a wide range of work opportunities with partners, entrepreneurs and the team.


360° virtual tours

Matterport virtual tours with 134 Mpix panoramas


Aero photo and video

360 ° panoramas and video from the drone


Drone mapping

Mapping and 3D modeling using DJI Phantom 4 RTK


Convenient and profitable - virtual tour solution! The virtual tour will increase the speed of sales and the availability of information.

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The world is evolving rapidly and we are changing with it. There are so many ways customers can get information about your business or property.

Nowadays, a photo or video report is no longer enough for a customer to choose your service. The 3D360 virtual tour provides new opportunities for you and your customers, team members, entrepreneurs and business partners.





360° - tour

360° - tour

3D-tour and VR

3D-tour and VR

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We adapt to any direction of your business

The 3D360 ° virtual tour opens up a range of technologically and practically new possibilities. Making our client’s life easier and attracting his attention is our goal!
This solution is widely used:

Virtual visits

Invite your customer to a virtual tour.

All you need is a smart device – no apps, send the link as an invitation to view the tour.

3D room models

Impressive view of the room as a 3D “doll’s house”.

Fast, accurate and simple measurements!

We offer the opportunity for both you and the client to perform measurements in 3D space. It is a great way to measure, for example, doors, windows, furniture, distances in the room, etc.

Interactive points

Interactive, easy – to – read points with which you can insert the necessary information (description, photo, video, audio, access to the website, etc.)

Floor layout

Planning view – view the floor plan and measure the room.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us

Reliable service

We provide the development of a virtual tour to the end result, make corrections according to the client's needs.

High quality

We guarantee virtual tours in high quality, which is one of the priorities of our work.

Rich experience

We have created virtual tours for companies in various fields, both in large areas and in challenging working conditions.

Friendly price

We adapt to each project by applying discounts and loyalty offers.

Individual approach

We develop a personalized offer for each client, taking into account all wishes and needs.

Operational work

We work fast without losing the quality, which is helped by our equipment, which is currently the latest in the market.


What Our Clients Say

Some feedback from our clients

Overall, we are very satisfied with both the communication and the result. It is a pleasure to work with you and you have delivered to our customers the face-to-face effect that was a big "deficit item" during the home. Thank you for that.
"We are very happy with the collaboration. Filming took little time and did not create barriers to production, which was important in our case. We have received positive feedback from website visitors about this virtual tour. We definitely recommend collaboration with 3D360." Abava winery team
Abavas Ģimenes Vīna Darītava
It was a real pleasure to work with the 3D360 team! It is gratifying that the company is full of initiative and offers a solution that the customer has not even imagined, but as a result the contribution to the business is significant. As we know, there are real people behind each company, and if these people create a feeling of old acquaintances in the process of cooperation, without losing professional quality, then you know that you have chosen the right partners!
Līva Morica
MyFitness Marketing Manager
Kuldīga Main Library has implemented the project “History of Kuldīga Jews in the Digital Environment”, in which, using the local history resources of Kuldīga Main Library and modern technology provided by 3D360, information on the valuable city identity of Kuldīga Jews The project was implemented in cooperation with the Kurzeme Planning Region # Kurzeme Culture Program2021, which is supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund and A / S Latvijas Valsts meži. We thank the team of the company "3D360" for the positive cooperation during the project and the quality of the final result! The virtual guide “History of the Jews of Kuldiga in the Digital Environment” is not only a great educational material for any target audience, but also an opportunity to virtually walk around the building and surroundings of the Kuldiga Main Library (former Kuldiga Synagogue). Communication with "3D360" was very productive, we look forward to working with you in the future! Head of Kuldiga Main Library, Daina Girvaite
Kuldiga Main Library
As part of the project "Older cinemas unite", a virtual tour of the cinema "Splendid Palace" was carried out in cooperation with "3D360". Cooperation in the process of organizing and implementing the virtual tour was successful, communication was prompt. The creators of the virtual tour were competent and suggested different solutions, showing initiative to get the best possible result. The creation of the virtual tour was quick and the result was high quality. The virtual tour of the cinema "Splendid Palace" was carried out with the latest technology.
Splendid Palace
Thank you for the cooperation with the company SIA "3D360" in creating virtual tours of the Cīrulīš Green Tower and its surroundings! We are satisfied with the result and how interested the company's representatives were in creating the most suitable solution for us in order to integrate as much information as possible into the tower. Openness, easy communication, genuine interest, quick development of solutions and purposeful cooperation are the values that characterize SIA "3D360"! It is a real pleasure to cooperate with a company that is professional in its field and creates products that not only meet the customer's wishes, but are also proud of themselves and are ready to do more, so that mutual benefit brings satisfaction and joy to both the customer and the company itself. Good luck in the future and every next project leads further in challenges and solutions!
Cēsis County Central Administration
Bonava has already used 3D360 tour services several times, and the cooperation has always been flawless! The team is not only quick to respond to our needs and able to effectively manage a large volume of work, but also provides excellent service quality. Quick response, easy communication and efficient work are important values, especially when working with a large volume. The work was delivered faster than expected and communication was easy and efficient. It is a pleasure to work with such a responsive and professional team. I definitely recommend 360 tours to anyone looking for high quality service and great cooperation!
The partnership between the Northern Riga Culture Association and SIA "3D360" commenced with the successful bid for the creation of virtual tours encompassing the indoor and outdoor areas of Mežaparks' Great Stage and the Culture Palace "Ziemeļblāzma" (a collaborative venture across the entire locale). Throughout our collaboration, SIA "3D360" has consistently demonstrated exemplary competence and delivered work of exceptional quality.Communication has been seamless and highly responsive, with the team readily available for video consultations, offering invaluable recommendations, and exhibiting swift response times. Moreover, the specialists exhibited a steadfast commitment to achieving optimal outcomes, continually refining and enhancing design, technology, and functionality solutions. Noteworthy enhancements include the integration of informative markers and logos into the virtual tours, along with seamless integration into Google Street View.The dedication invested by SIA "3D360" in this project has been substantial, culminating in the creation of modern virtual tours available in three languages. Based on our experience, we wholeheartedly endorse partnering with SIA "3D360". We are thoroughly pleased with the work delivered, impressed by the technological advancements in virtual tours, and grateful for the high-quality final product, which significantly enriches and streamlines our operational capabilities.
Northern Riga Culture Association
A virtual tour is a remote tour that gives an idea of Dattum's high infrastructure security. The data centre is suitable for the deployment of various IT systems, including companies whose business is related to the processing and storage of financial transactions.
Successful cooperation with 3D360 and we are very happy with the result. The development of the virtual tour allows our clients to get acquainted with the Holiday Palace also remotely, which is very important now and in the future when cooperating with foreign clients. We can very conveniently and transparently give an idea of the capacity of the guest house, the location of the guests in the rooms and the total area. The service was provided quickly, professionally and accurately.
Svētku pils (SIA „4 Saules”)
We are happy about the third cooperation with 3D360, the created tours have helped to improve sales by conveniently linking them with our online store. The virtual tour has also been useful in cases where the previous seasonal product placement needs to be recalled in order to re-establish the sales hall as transparently as possible for customers.We recommend the development of such a tour in direct cooperation with 3D360!
It is a pleasure to work with such an approachable and responsive partner. The task is always done quickly, there is a real interest in each project. Thank you for your work! 😉
Member of Kekava County Entrepreneurship Council
Kekava County Entrepreneurship Council
3D360 There are members of the association "Daugavkrasts".
Association Daugavkrasts
VSIA "Children's Clinical University Hospital" confirms that it was a real pleasure and satisfaction to cooperate with the 3D360 team! The creation of the virtual tour was prompt, and you can feel the genuine interest in every detail. The development of the virtual tour allows our customers to get acquainted with BUKS also remotely, which is very important now and also in the future. Changes are made remotely in a few hours quickly, professionally and accurately. We are proud when it was the 3D360 virtual tour that won the announced virtual tour procurement competition! 3D360 made the virtual tour even bigger than we expected. Board member Iluta Riekstiņa.
Children's Clinical University Hospital
With a short and correct speech, Nora was able to convince me quite quickly about the nature and importance of the 3d360 virtual tour in modern business. We must agree that the integration of the virtual tour on the website will be a very good tool to get a general opinion about our salon, as well as specific information about a product or group of goods that can be familiarized remotely without leaving home. Communication on both sides is fast and understandable. It's a pleasure to work with a professional team!
Mūzas Istaba
Last year AS "FERRUS" had a great cooperation with "3D360 Virtual Tour". It's no secret that a professional 360-degree tour and 3D virtual reality is a modern option that allows you to easily get to know different companies and their offer remotely without leaving your home. It was a great experience that we want to share as well. The "3D360" virtual tour team surprised us with their promptness, friendly service and professional approach to project implementation. We greatly appreciate all the suggestions regarding the product layout and the explanation of the possible additions that work perfectly hand in hand with the interactive visualization. We see joint cooperation with this company in the future as well and we will definitely develop more and more new projects. Thanks to SIA "3D360" for a job well done. Sincerely, AS "FERRUS"
We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity and cooperation! Our project is both a charity story and a big challenge, because we had to create a 3D tour with people - namely Clown Doctors and children. The 3D360 team got involved fully and deeply, understood the essence of our work - Doctor Clowns - and found a way to fully reflect it. It was also important that we could all enjoy the filming process, that's really important. Now we can not only tell, but also show what Doctor Clowns do in hospitals 😊 We also especially appreciated the responsiveness and excellent communication in the creation of the project, creativity, coming to terms with our ideas. And of course, we are very happy about the Digital Twin Awards that 3D360 won - because Latvia is a force!

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