It’s been one year since we founded 3D360!

This time our blog will be about the work done together for one year! ” 3D360 ” was founded on 02/23/2021 , so we offer a short review of the year, plunging into pleasant memories and looking back at the work done. In everyday life, each of us invests a part of ourselves in the enterprise, therefore, in the blog, we also summarized the visions of our team members regarding the most important events of 2021-2022.

Project Development

Our first project – ” Svētku Pils » . At that time, we had no practical experience, so we faced a number of difficulties. Large area, outdoor scanning, three-story building with many rooms. This project clearly demonstrated to us the importance of powerful equipment, so every year we update our hardware.

Our first gym is MyFitness . This project has been an excellent experience on how to properly scan rooms where almost all walls are made of mirrors or windows.

The first project using the LEICA BLK 360 laser scanner was Verte Auto Škoda . We learned how to apply new techniques, realized their pros and cons. The scanner is designed for use in spacious, open areas, as the laser “scans” up to 50 m and interacts well with sunlight.

The beginning of “ house sitting”  and remote work period is the furniture salon “ KATE ”. During the period when shopping was prohibited, we created the first tour of this format in Latvia. A virtual store that can be navigated remotely in the same way as in person. All pieces of furniture have interactive markers leading to the online store.

We started cooperation with ” LATIO “. We have developed several virtual tours for a real estate agency that effectively promote sales and complement the ads with information.

Plumbing shop ” Komforts “. After a high-quality result in the KATE store, a sanitary ware store also contacted us, who wanted the same result as for the KATE furniture. Another serious challenge precisely because of the area of the store. An important role was played by planning which route and in what order to scan everything. Huge work has also been invested in subsequent processing, since there are 441 interactive objects in this tour, each of which is connected to an online store.

A unique tour is the Supreme Court (Cabinet of Ministers), which consists of 10 separate tours. For security reasons, we were not allowed to create the entire tour in one go. As part of the tour, you can visit the offices of the chairmen, the museum and the courtrooms.

Physical, moral and technical test – Gaujena Musical Trail . The entire virtual tour takes place ooutdoors! This is where the Leica BLK came in very handy, providing high quality scans. We worked from early morning until late at night. Changing weather conditions, strong winds and occasional rain almost forced us to postpone the scan. But we don’t give up so easily!

“ Svētku Pils “ a year later. Having gained rich experience, we wanted to return to “Svētku Pils ” and improve the quality of the virtual tour using the existing skills and high standards. Armed with practical knowledge, the latest and most powerful technology, we have developed, in our opinion, the most beautiful virtual tour in Latvia. We are very proud of this result, and that in one year we were able to develop our skills so rapidly and develop high-quality virtual tours.

The listed projects are only the brightest part of everything we have done. We also cooperated, for example, with municipal institutions – the Kuldīga Library , we also worked in the Smiltene region. The TET company entrusted us with the integration of its data center and IT technology premises in one virtual tour.

At the Abavas winery facility , we scanned the production to allow people to take a virtual tour. All our successes can be seen in this section.


We can boast of many achievements in the form of figures and facts.

  • Google Street View – 50,000 people have watched our virtual tours.
  • We received funding in the amount of 10,000 euros for the purchase of equipment within the framework of SEB banka ‘s Inspiration grant program.
  • In the countries of the European Union , they registered their trademark 3D360.
  • We got an electric car to get to the places for which we are developing virtual tours in an environmentally friendly and modern way.
  • We also became members of the “Council of Entrepreneurs of the Ķekava Region” and the Partnership ” Daugavkrasts “.
  • In general, more than 50 virtual tours have been developed.
  • show and talk about ourselves on 7 different social media platforms where we have over 2k followers.

It is a great honor for us and we are sincerely glad that our current customers write heartfelt reviews and recommend cooperation with 3D360 to their friends . Of course, it was as a result of joint work that we managed to achieve such impressive results in our development within one year. Last year, when we purchased the equipment, we tested it in the premises of our house, but now we have reached the level when we scan objects with an area of 5000 m2.

We feel that the current composition of employees is the true key to success, allowing us to set and achieve impressive goals and common ambitions, and with great pleasure to realize them. Let’s raise a glass to the first successful year!

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