Cinema Virtual Tours: An Innovative Way to Improve the Customer Experience

As the world becomes more digital, virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular across industries. The film industry is no exception. While many people prefer traditional movie viewing, virtual tours offer a new and innovative way to make the viewing experience and seat selection more engaging. In this article, we will discuss the creation, use, and benefits of virtual tours in cinemas.

Creating a Virtual Tour in the Cinema

Cinemas can create 3D models of their premises and auditoriums that can be published in the virtual world to provide new and superior experiences to customers. The virtual tour provides an immersive cinematic experience by showcasing audiences, screens, seating, a snack bar, wardrobes and more. To promote ticket sales, the cinema can create a virtual tour for each audience and add interactive dots on the big screen that redirect to live trailers.

To create a virtual tour, a 3D camera is installed in different positions in the cinema premises. In each of the positions, the Matterport Pro3 camera rotates around its axis by 360° using the built-in motor and collects data from all angles. The data is then uploaded to the server and submitted for processing. When processing is completed, links are sent to the client, which they can use according to their needs – for the site, social media, etc.

Use of Virtual Tours in Cinemas

Virtual tours can be used to offer visitors the opportunity to view the theater from all angles, and not just provide the opportunity to choose a place in the hall when making a purchase. Visitors can view the cinema halls in 360-degree mode and choose their seat using the info point connected to the online ticketing system. This solution is especially useful for people with limited mobility to ensure easy access and reserved seating in the classroom.

In addition, when developing a virtual tour for the cinema premises, there is always the opportunity to add various interactive points to acquaint people with the history of cinema and interesting facts about popular films. In this way, the cinema demonstrates its role as an expert in the film industry, allowing customers to learn various interesting facts.

Virtual tours can also enhance the customer experience by providing additional information such as the types, number, location of seats available in each auditorium, the quality of the audio system, and the snack and drink menus offered at the bar. Many cinemas offer the possibility of renting their premises for various events, so a virtual tour can be very useful in order to conveniently and quickly show the benefits, sizes, available facilities and equipment, and provide other information. Interested parties will not need to spend time on a face-to-face visit, as they can make sure in advance that the premises are suitable.

Advantages of Virtual Tours in Cinemas

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Virtual tours offer numerous advantages for cinemas. Firstly, they save time and effort for customers by allowing them to choose their seats before the movie starts, minimizing the waiting time in line.

Integrating Google Street View (GSV) virtual tours can effectively attract customers. By showing the cinema on the map using a virtual tour, it is always available on the GSV service. In today’s marketing landscape, finding a company on Google search engine is an integral part of attracting customers.

Furthermore, virtual tours can help attract and retain customers by providing an interactive experience that keeps them engaged with the cinema’s offerings. Cinemas can also use virtual tours to promote upcoming movies, events, and special offers, providing customers with an engaging and interactive way to learn more about what’s happening in the cinema.

Virtual Tour 3D360

is a great way for cinemas to showcase their premises and offer customers an improved experience. As more businesses move towards a digital future, virtual tours are becoming an essential tool for remaining competitive and providing customers with an engaging experience.

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Virtual Tour 3D360