For the second year in a row we have been awarded the “Digital Twin Awards”

We are pleased and proud to announce that for the second year in a row we are celebrating victory in two categories of the Digital Twin Awards ! Moreover, this great news about international awards came on the day we celebrated our third year in the virtual travel business.

Participation in the “Digital Twin Awards 2022”

Let’s start with a quick look back to when we first entered the DTA competition. In 2022, we became double winners of the Digital Twin Awards. The virtual tour of Svētku pils that we developed was nominated in the best real estate category , both according to the jury and the audience. 

3D360 Virtual Tour team has always enjoyed experimenting and raising the bar with each new project. Initially, when developing the “Svētku pils” project, our main goal was to find out the limits of the capabilities of Matterport hardware and software. As we began to scan the premises, we realized that a simple virtual tour of the hotel combined with a few images taken using a drone did not meet our ambitions. Therefore, we decided to scan the outside using the LEICA BLK360 . The project took two days to complete, but the hard work paid off in full. In the end, and with great gratitude, we achieved better results than we expected thanks to the Matterport AI Engine – a beautiful 3D model of the hotel and external area.

In 2022, we participated in the “ Digital Twin Awards ” competition for the first time and had no hope of recognition at all, but unexpectedly for ourselves we received a double reward. Therefore, now we can say that our team’s technical experiment-virtual tour was awarded international awards!

Participation in the “Digital Twin Awards 2023”

Our second year at the Digital Twin Awards also brought us two awards! International recognition is very important for our team . We always take victories in DTA nominations as a big thing and proudly display them, and in particular, we are proud to carry the name of our small state – Latvia – to the world . Looking at other candidates’ projects, we knew the competition would be tough, and the fact that we were nominated as the best in two categories was an important “tick” in our list of achievements, confirming that the work we do is recognized in the world level.

This year, the project “Svētku pils” also received one of the awards , which was recognized as the best virtual tour of real estate according to the jury. In turn, the virtual tour of the Dr. Clown premises, according to the jury, was recognized as the most unique project of Matterport .

In developing the Doctor Clown project, we took inspiration from children’s hospital professionals who encourage and make children with a wide range of health problems laugh. This was a charity project and we developed a virtual excursion for free, and of course, with a big smile on our faces!

When developing the virtual tour, we used the most innovative technology – the Matterport Pro3 camera for both indoor and environmental scanning.

Virtual tour 3D360

The 3D360 virtual tour team thanks everyone who voted for the projects we developed and were with us during the competition! Thanks to your support, we can be proud that Latvia has developed some of the best virtual tours in the whole world .

In the “ Projects ” section of our website you can familiarize yourself with virtual tours in order to more fully appreciate the benefits they offer. And also, if you have questions, perhaps you will find answers to them in our FAQ section.

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