Meet the 3D360 team!

We would like to introduce ourselves by telling you about our team and the core of the company, which consists of 3 people – the chairman of the board, an IT specialist and a sales and marketing manager. This is the main team that works every day to ensure that 3D360 not only makes a profit, but also provides people with information about virtual tours, which are not yet as common in Latvia as in other European countries. In this blog you will also find colleagues’ answers to some interesting questions.

Chairman of the Board Maris Matuzka

Maris has been working as the head of the company for several years. Maris received 2 professional master’s degrees in economics and business management. For several years he worked as a sales specialist, and also held the position of head of the personnel department. For Maris, creating a virtual tour and video is not only a professional but also a personal passion that motivates him to actively participate in the development of the company.


  1. Is it easy to be a leader? What is the hardest thing? What is the easiest?

“Being a leader is not difficult if you have a solid team and everyone does their job. The hardest part is motivating everyone and reminding them of their responsibilities. It’s easier if everyone in the team knows and does their job without unnecessary reminders, and I “push” and everything happens. 😊

  1. What do you do when you are not at work or not working?

“I spend 2-3 hours a day looking at virtual tours and ad stats so I don’t miss the latest information.”

  1. What did you want to be as a child? Why?

“I changed my mind every 6 months, so I don’t have a definitive answer.”

  1. How did you decide to start such a business?

“When I traveled, I always took a new camera with me with which I filmed my adventures. When 360-degree cameras appeared, I decided to test them, and after a video editing trip, I realized when 360-degree cameras have great potential. In short, I had the equipment, I tried it out, showed it to my friends, and everyone was amazed!

  1. What superpower would you choose? Why?

“Definitely able to read minds. Among other superpowers, this one is the most intellectual, no one will notice it, but by reading people’s minds, you could constantly learn and learn new things.

Information Technology Specialist Emils Lasmanis 

Emils has been working with systems and equipment for several years. He is a Computer Systems and Networks Technician. His previous work experience is a network administrator in a printing company. Emils represented DJI Latvia as an unmanned aerial vehicle technician and product specialist. He received a certificate to conduct training in the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. Through self-training and contacts with officials from Matterport (virtual software provider and developer), Emils mastered the process of developing virtual tours and came up with an innovative solution that combines drone footage with 3D images. His personal interest in this topic contributed to the development of an innovative solution.


  1. Computer, smartphone or TV?

“A computer! Anything can be made from a computer – a server, a personal digital assistant, even a telephone, if you have the skills and desire to tinker.”

  1. Were you called a computer nerd as a child/at school?

“Not! I was socially active at school and participated in sports activities.” 😊

  1. How long ago did you know what a virtual tour is?

“Quite a long time ago, about 10 years ago, when the first 360-degree cameras and arrow tours»

  1. How much time per day do you spend at the computer? What do you do most often on the computer?

“I mainly watch YouTube, study the latest technologies and IT solutions . Lots of DIY content related to robotics and automation.”

  1. Justify why you are most interested in IT solutions for a virtual tour.

Matterport Virtual Tours is a product that I can really call a virtual tour. 3D geometry scanning , high-quality panoramic images and VR goggle integration provide a real sense of presence.”

Team consolidation

You could say that 3D360 is a family business, but no, it’s more of a combination of family and neighbors. Our company was born as a result of good neighborly relations, where we began to hatch ideas for the development of a joint business based on good friendship, which we have been doing for a year now.

Every day we develop as employees, and also improve the tours with various technical innovations! Our team is always open for information exchange and communication on the development of virtual tour solutions, both technically complex and very simple.

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