Virtual Tours: Enhancing Event Venues and Advertising Innovations

Event and sporting venue owners around the world must adapt to new standards in event planning and advertising sales. Virtual tours have become a revolutionary solution that allows you to explore, for example, sports halls, arenas, tracks and concert venues from anywhere in the world. This blog outlines the benefits of virtual tours and how virtual tours improve advertising and marketing opportunities for event venue rentals.

What are virtual tours?

Virtual tours are 3D visualization technology that allows users to explore a specific place remotely using a computer screen or mobile device. This means potential clients, event planners and promotional partners can get an up-close and personal tour of the event venue without leaving home.

The event venues industry is one of those industries that has been significantly impacted by the shift to digital solutions. Virtual tours have become the new norm, offering space occupiers effective solutions for event planning, advertising and customer acquisition.

The benefits of virtual tours – in sports halls, arenas, tracks and other event venues
Advertising opportunities

  1. Virtual tours offer sports halls, arenas, terraces and event venues a unique opportunity to demonstrate advertising opportunities to potential partners. Using 3D visualization, you can clearly show where advertising banners, video screens and other promotional materials can be placed. Virtual tours help to visualize the advertising area from different viewing angles, thereby those placing advertisements can check and study in detail the places that are attractive to them, even without visiting the premises in person, thereby saving time and simplifying the start of cooperation. Access via virtual tours makes it easier to form partnerships and can increase advertising revenue

    1. Detailed inspection of the event venue

      Virtual tours provide an up-close and personal look at event venues. Organizers can examine equipment, changing rooms, catering facilities, technical equipment and even emergency exits to ensure efficient planning and safety of the event.

    1. Simplify event planning

      Organizers are given the opportunity to study the premises in detail and carry out detailed and precise planning. Virtual tours provide the opportunity to significantly save time required for planning, since each involved party can visually measure objects and become familiar with the arrangement, thereby simplifying the process of organizing an event or sporting event.

    1. Attracting an international audience

      Virtual tours contribute to the diversity of the audience of event venues, as they are available to anyone around the world. This allows event venue owners to attract international clients and event planners.


Virtual tours have become a standard for event venues, offering an invaluable advertising and customer acquisition opportunity. Virtual tours not only make event planning more efficient and safer, but also open the door to new collaboration opportunities and a global audience. This digital technology serves as a guide that makes event venues accessible to everyone and makes advertising smart and highly innovative.

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