Interactive points – the content of the multimedia environment in the virtual tour

We spend most of our time on content of various kinds, such as documents, tables, illustrations, photos, audio and video clips. The online world relies on this kind of content, and if you craft it the right way, you can reach people in amazing ways. Informative and entertaining content allows us to search millions of products or entries, share photo galleries with friends around the world, and publish our thoughts to a wide audience. As we spend more and more time on the Internet, various types of combined content have become the basis of our lives. In this blog, you’ll learn how to combine the 3D 360 virtual tour experience with homepage links, images, audio, video, documents (GIF, PDF), Google maps, presentations, surveys, and even other Matterport virtual tours .

Interactive points in virtual tours in the real estate industry

Interactive dots allow you to tell more about the property, providing potential homebuyers with the confidence to choose. A few examples:

  • Introduce customers to the kitchen set by linking to product/furniture descriptions and reviews.
  • Allow users to freely explore the area by adding an additional image of what a driveway looks like, for example.
  • have drone video? Allow the user to use interactive dots to get outside the real estate yard.
  • Draw the attention of buyers to the special features of each space using audio narration.
  • Is there another building on site? Add a link to a virtual tour of this building. Buyers will be able to quickly familiarize themselves with the area and then return to the main tour.

Interactive points in virtual tours in the hospitality and tourism industry

Your clients will be able to imagine their dream vacation remotely and virtually! A few ideas for content that can be added to hotspots:

  • Highlight the comfort of hotel suites or holiday guesthouses with images, video and audio.
  • Give customers the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the hotel grounds using embedded video clips, other 3D models , or a street image.
  • Display the history of the hotel and cultural traditions using images and video clips embedded in the 3D tour of the

Interactive Points in Virtual Tours for Retail, Restaurants and Event Venues      

The integration of the multimedia environment allows business owners to engage customers with an interesting and combined online experience. Content that can be added to virtual tours:

  • Inspire virtual attendees and display images and video clips from past celebrations in event spaces.
  • SPAs, beauty salons, doctor’s offices and other service-oriented businesses, in order to provide customers with the opportunity to learn more about the services offered, video clips and images or PDF documents with prices for procedures can be attached to each room.
  • Physical retail spaces can be combined with a link to an online store, or include detailed product images, promotional videos, and testimonials.
  • In restaurants, increase customer engagement and improve your business reputation by embedding chef interviews, kitchen tours, cooking videos, or live menus.

Interactive points in virtual tours of cultural objects

Refresh virtual tours of cultural objects with rich content , for example:

  • Make use of the museum’s video library and make it available at the appropriate premises.
  • Add detailed descriptions, photos, video clips, and interviews with artists or historical figures to any exhibit or item.
  • Invisibly integrate the history of the room with old photos and videos of the events that took place there.
  • Give virtual visitors the opportunity to visit the souvenir shop and purchase memorabilia online.

3D360 Virtual Tour Interactive Points

Combining different content in one place is really beneficial! Combining a virtual tour with interactive hotspots will help keep your visitors engaged and take them exactly where you want them to go, as well as convey exactly the message you want to convey. Thanks to interactive points , a virtual tour can be made not only an interesting visual experience, but also informative material that will inspire customers and make purchases. If you want to get acquainted with examples of enterprises from different industries that successfully work with virtual tours, we invite you to go to the section – projects . And also, if you have any questions, please go to our FAQ section and, perhaps, it is there that you will find the answer to your question.

Contact us 3D3 6 0 and we will be happy to explain how virtual tour solutions work, and we can also help you achieve the desired result regarding the integration of interactive points .


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