The virtual tour is an excellent assistant for event space rentals


Renting event space is essential for many event planners, from weddings and corporate events to trade shows and conferences. However, when choosing and renting a venue for an event, it is important that clients get the most complete picture of the possibilities and atmosphere of the venue. In this article, we’ll look at how 3D360 virtual tours can be a great help to event space rentals, providing customers with a compelling and expected experience.

Feeling Reality in a Virtual Environment

3D360 virtual tours, developed using the Matterport pro3 camera, provide potential customers with a real-life view of the look and feel of the event space. Using virtual reality (VR) or 360-degree video, clients can view venues from multiple angles, feel like they’re in the room, and get a clearer picture of what a client’s event would look like in real life.

The ability to visually assess the potential of the premises

Thanks to 3D360 virtual tours, customers can conveniently assess the size of the room and understand if the room is suitable for a particular event. Clients can see if there is enough space in the room to accommodate the planned number of guests, and if the location in the room is as intended. This helps to minimize doubts and allows clients to make informed decisions about renting a space.

Interactive familiarity with the premises

Virtual tours may include interactive elements, information markers that allow customers to actively explore and interact with the event space. Potential clients can “walk” around the space, view detailed images, videos, descriptions, and click on related markers to get more information about the various facilities in the space. This, in turn, provides an opportunity to fully and in detail study the design of the premises and get a detailed idea of what the technical execution of the event could be.

Save time and costs

Virtual tours provide customers with the opportunity to get to know the premises remotely, eliminating the need for a physical visit. This saves both time and costs associated with traveling and physically inspecting multiple locations. Customers can conveniently explore the different spaces from their computer or mobile device, choosing the options that best suit their needs.

Ability to share with clients

Using the virtual tour link, it is very easy to send the tour to clients, colleagues or business partners. The 3D360 virtual tour can be integrated on a website, social media or press to provide a wider audience with the opportunity to explore the premises. This aspect allows clients involved in the organization of events to effectively cooperate and agree on the choice and arrangement of the premises.

Virtual Tour 3D360

A virtual tour is a powerful tool that can help event space renters provide their clients with a modern and compelling experience. Given the above opportunities and benefits, a virtual tour will become an indispensable assistant in optimizing processes, saving resources and creating a positive reputation, making the offer of premises an attractive and modern solution for organizing events.

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