Tourism and travel – can it really be enjoyed virtually?

It seems almost impossible to travel and visit tourist attractions remotely. And yet – you can! Until very recently, when planning a holiday, we could only look at a photo or video and imagine whether we will be satisfied with the chosen destination. From museums, nature parks, castles to hotels and restaurants , you can virtually visit objects and facilities that allow you to make an objective decision about the choice of a place of rest and a pleasant tourist route.

To visit remotely both indoors and natural objects

Not only for tourists a virtual tour gives a clearer idea of ​​what awaits them in person, but also for entrepreneurs who offer active recreation , visits to cultural sites or provide accommodation , this technological solution is a great benefit. Using 3D tours will increase the number of reservations and the visibility of the services offered. The virtual tour makes service providers more modern. Currently, there are many players in the tourism sector, as well as there is no shortage of hospitality service providers, which means that advertising is important and it is especially important to provide a high pre-sale service, informing customers both textually and visually. With a virtual tour, available on every smart device, the company allows customers to easily make decisions and assess whether a particular object will be able to meet their needs.

The facts confirm the use of the virtual tour

A study by Matterport reveals that after the development of the virtual tour, the number of bookings in the restaurants and hospitality industry increases by an average of 14% , which is not a small figure. In turn, the 3D virtual tour attracts the attention of customers by 300% more than 2D images. These figures confirm that consumers value the opportunity to experience the property virtually as if they were actually there, while also helping the property to stand out from the competition.

By placing a virtual tour on the website, you can:

  • Increase traffic by up to 15%
  • Increase the number of reservations by up to 14%,
  • Increase the number of positive customer reviews.

By providing the most realistic representation possible, customers feel more confident and are more likely to make reservations because they will know who will be waiting for them in person.

Facilitated work for travel planners and guides

The virtual tour will also help to reach the audience of travel planners. This solution will draw the attention of people who compile travel itineraries and lead tours. This means that you will have an advantage over other companies that do not provide remote but just as realistic visits. Travel agencies and guides can explore rooms and facilities in 3D, saving time for personal on-site visits.

Benefits of 3D360 Virtual Travel:

  • Accelerated booking process, allowing potential customers to see and share with other stakeholders, as well as receive feedback, before actual visits are made.
  • Customer expectations are met. Don’t waste time and ensure what customers have already seen virtually.
  • More complete and accessible information than in life. Virtual tours can be supplemented with interactive points where you can find information such as cultural and historical sites, paintings, historical facts, hotel room amenities, restaurant menus and other news. Rooms can also even be measured! When choosing an event venue, one of the functions of the virtual tour can be used to measure, for example, how big a table is in the banquet hall.

Finally, our main message, which we want to convey – a virtual tour is not only a solution of limited space , but it can also be developed for objects located in nature. As one of the examples we can mention our project, in which we created a virtual tour of Gaujiena nature trails . Nowadays, one of the main factors chosen by consumers is convenience, which means that before going on excursions, the opportunity to check the selected objects and visualize their trip remotely will be appreciated.

If you have any questions, go to our FAQ section and maybe there you will find the answer!

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