Unusual virtual tours


The variety of virtual tour objects amazes even ourselves, because theoretically and practically shooting can be done both in open spaces and indoors, which provides unlimited possibilities for fixing objects. The only restrictions that exist when developing a tour are good lighting and suitable weather conditions. The Matterport camera, which we use in our work, offers the user the opportunity to study the premises, the image of which is made of more than 200 “stitched” 360 images. Using the “Dollhouse” mode, you can view the room from all angles, taking a virtual walk. Both the room and the objects and objects in it can be viewed from different angles.

Extraordinary scans of the world

In fact, when developing a virtual imagination has no limits, this means that you can shoot completely extraordinary places. For example, our colleagues, developers of a virtual tour, filmed caves, yachts or residential buildings destroyed by fire, sex shops or coffee shops in Amsterdam, where they sell marijuana. The object of a virtual tour can be anything that the visitor would be interested in visiting virtually, bringing the experience as close as possible to real life.

A virtual tour in viewers and potential customers significantly increases the desire to go on vacation in real life, for example, on an exclusive yacht, so we can say that tours act as effective sellers to increase bookings. 😊The Vancouver-based Aurora, which is 37 meters long, has three separate living rooms, a bar, Jacuzzi, 4 decks equipped for entertainment, a kitchen and separate staff quarters.

Not so pleasant, but at the same time very extraordinary virtual tour – a tour developed abroad for a house destroyed by fire. Surely there will be questions why something like this might be needed if the house was completely burned down? Such tours are developed for insurance purposes, so that the destruction and damage caused by fire can be assessed. Virtual tours are also being developed for real estate objects in order to confirm and prove to insurers the technical condition of the property.

Scanning in Latvia

Shooting extraordinary places is used not only abroad, there are also virtual tours created by us, which differ from the classic ones – shops, hotels or real estate that are for sale. We created virtual tours for a car dealership, where we also filmed the interior of the car, which, as we all understand, is a small space, but gives the potential buyer a clear idea of the expected configuration of the car. Project VERTE AUTO | ŠKODA can be seen here .

Somewhat unusual, but inherently very useful – a virtual tour of the church. Such tours are used in cases where it is necessary to choose the most suitable church for a christening or wedding. Creating snapshots saves time, because it is not required to provide physical access to the object to each interested person, you can remotely “walk around” the object using a virtual tour. We offer a virtual tour of the Church of St. Jāņa in Old Riga here .

We would also include the virtual tour of the Tet “Dattum” Data Center developed by us as a slightly different tour. Why is he different? Simply because a data center is generally supposed to be hidden, and TET asked us to develop this tour so that potential individuals who wish to store data are given the opportunity to view the data center and make sure it is secure, for example, by providing access to the location of standby generators that provide electricity to the servers in certain cases. Here you can get acquainted with the Tet “Dattum” Data Center and here with standby generators .

We have developed a virtual tour for the Supreme Court of Latvia, which, like a data center, at first glance seems to be an object restricted to access and hidden from visitors, but this is not the case and everyone can virtually visit the Supreme Court. As part of this virtual tour, you can also “look around” the Museum of the Supreme Court. Visit the tour here .

Even before, in our blogs, we described that virtual tours of open spaces, such as parks, nature trails and other areas not limited by walls, are also different and atypical. Matterport cameras are designed for indoor shooting, but using the same approach, we have developed a virtual tour for the Musical Trail in Gauyena Park as well . As part of this project, we have also added the object to Google Street View so that the user can conveniently go to the virtual tour through the search engine.

Virtual tours for different objects

No matter how atypical or different your business, property, facility, space or garden may be for tour design, we 3D360 can turn it into a virtual journey and find the most appropriate ways to shoot at a high level, providing viewers with a realistic experience through a computer screen. or smart devices.

Our team is always open to provide technically complex or primitively simple information and communication about virtual tour solutions.

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