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Over the past few years, we have already realized that the word “remote” will accompany us in the future, so we will be forced to adapt to situations, as well as continue learning, trying to maintain the aspect of socialization. What if we said that a virtual tour could open up completely new learning opportunities? In this blog, you will learn how e-learning and a virtual tour can make the learning process much more effective and attractive in terms of perception.

Virtual tour as a study solution

Take your students to Pompeii to experience Roman architecture on a virtual study tour! Let your employees experience hypothetical situations in order to prepare them in time! Or let potential hires explore every aspect of their new role by showing off facilities and facilities remotely. Virtual Reality (VR) or 3D 360 technology has proven to be the solution for learning in almost every industry and subject and, of course, not without reason, it is not uncommon for 360-degree simulations designed for learning to be safer, more accessible, more convenient and much more interesting in comparison with the process of mastering theoretical information from written sources. A virtual tour can be a great start to hands-on training to prepare students and staff for real-life situations, as the tour provides an immersive experience while protecting against the risk of making mistakes if people are not yet well-versed in the profession. .

Integrating the 3D 360 virtual tour into the learning process helps it become more inclusive, interactive and alive. Using interactive points and video simulations , within the virtual tour, you can check and test users, simulating various situations that will be remembered. In addition, such practical training is available to an unlimited number of people – all that remains is to send a link to a training virtual tour.


Not only in VR glasses, but also on smart devices

With the help of a virtual tour, feelings are involved in the learning process, emotions multiply and the cognitive capabilities of the brain are used. Nowadays, from the production process to the stage of customer service, organizations carry out their activities, realizing that with the help of training within the framework of a virtual tour, it is possible to influence the overall result of the activity.

3D 360 virtual tours and virtual reality are rapidly gaining the status of one of the most powerful learning technologies, and can be considered a major asset in any enterprise’s cooperative learning strategy.

Learning in VR sounds complicated and many choose not to invest in new VR glasses for their employees or students. The good news is that VR glasses are not required in such a learning process , a smart device on which you can open a virtual tour is quite enough. Although VR headphones look funny and may initially attract attention, more than 90% of employees actually go on virtual study tours on a regular tablet computer. This means that you will be able to manage the learning process within the virtual tour on existing devices and systems for learning.

3D 360 virtual tours are developed only once, and they are immediately compatible with almost any device – Mac , Windows , desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. They will also be fully compatible with VR glasses such as Oculus Go or Quest .


3D360 Virtual Study Tour

Do you want to know how creating a virtual tour can make the process of training employees of an enterprise or students an unforgettable and enjoyable adventure? We invite you to contact us so that we can make an individual offer that best suits the strategy and activities of the company. You can take a look at the virtual tours we have already developed to make it easier to catch the idea, besides, the virtual tour can be both a teacher and an interactive learning solution at the same time. As an example, we can take the recently developed Children’s Clinical University Hospital virtual tour , which is used to introduce new employees and students to the working environment, patient rooms and the latest therapeutic equipment.

A virtual tour can be a new starting point in the development of an enterprise! Contact us at 3D360 and we’ll be happy to explain how a virtual tour works and how we can help you get to the next level of technology as well as learning.

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