Virtual Tour for Educational Institutions

Digitalization has opened up a completely new range of management and organizational processes! However, starting school or transitioning to a new school can be intimidating. What can children’s kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions do to relieve various organizational processes? In this blog post, we will tell you how virtual tours can help facilitate efficient work in training establishments, not only facilitating access but also improving organizational work such as inventory processes, statement of insurance cases, and compliance with technology security.

How useful are virtual tours?

We all know how fast things changed during the pandemic. Many industries were strongly affected, and only those who adapted to new conditions were the winners. The same applies to educational institutions. One of the biggest problems, of course, was the restrictions related to how to safely equip school premises without exposing students and staff to health risks.

But does this only apply to the pandemic? The advantages of virtual tours for schools are not limited to holding days to open their doors remotely. Schools and other educational establishments should, for example, quickly adapt to new technology and facilitate processes for staff and students – regardless of the impact of pandemics.

Acquaintance with the premises of the educational establishments – open doors  24/7

Virtual excursions for training establishments is a simple way to surprise students and parents with access to school premises 365 days a year, 24/7, so they can research the school without leaving their homes and without spending time in-person. Without virtual tour solutions, some students will not see their class or school before the start of the educational year, which can cause anxiety and insecurity. This is especially relevant for students with special needs who may have limited opportunities to get an education.

Children understand technology and adapt faster than adults! By providing them with the opportunity to move through school rooms, corridors, and see their school with the help of virtual school tours, the new educational institution will become modern in their eyes, not boring. This will show parents that your school is capable of ensuring the best educational environment, premises, and conditions in which their child will spend a big part of the day!

A virtual tour draws more attention than traditional photography and lets viewers get a unique performance about the educational environment and premises of the school. For example, you can place additional videos demonstrating scientific laboratory equipment in action so potential students can see the environment where they will attend lectures. Such a solution can be used in other areas to give students and parents a clearer notion of what an educational establishment can offer!

If it is necessary to hide some confidential information, such as the location of video cameras, photos of children, or premises that are not designed for public viewing, a virtual tour also offers such a possibility. This way, you can virtually show only those places and spaces that are intended for demonstrations.

Decline insurance contributions

Documentary confirmation of damage is not an easy task. The same goes for filing applications for insurance in educational institutions – a process that requires a lot of time. Virtual tours may reduce insurance contributions by providing proof of documentary confirmation of the state of premises.

Similarly, filing statements to receive insurance compensation in case of accidents can become a stressful process for insurers and specialists in settling losses. Virtual tours help both parties agree on the real position of affairs. Virtual tour scans from Matterport have label time and high accuracy. That’s why virtual tours can be used as neutral parties in the process of considering claims, which simplifies permission disputes.

Inventory and accounting

Virtual tours are also an excellent tool to maintain accounting, storing in “memory” tables, chairs, equipment, and other objects of educational institutions.

During regular inventory, a virtual tour will show everything that is in the room at the moment of scanning, making it easier to control material values and document them in inventory statements.

Evacuation Exits and Security Measures

Virtual tours are also useful for security goals, especially to successfully attract students’ attention to plan actions in emergency situations. Children do not always pay attention to various safety rules, but learning through a virtual tour can turn it into an interactive lesson that will certainly be remembered.

It is also important that staff is ready to react in emergency situations, and a virtual tour is much easier to perceive visually than traditional building plans. A virtual tour also provides security that is appreciated not only by students and staff but also by parents.

Virtual Tour 3D360

A virtual tour can provide additional safety thanks to integrated alarm functions, which in real-time mode notify of an incoming signal from sensor traffic, gas, smoke, or water leaks. In case an alarm is received, a remote controller displays the location of the active sensor in the virtual round and sends a notice to everyone assigned behind the data object by electronic mail.

We invite you to contact us so that we can develop an individual offer that will match your educational establishment’s needs as much as possible. You can also look at other virtual tours on our website in the “projects” section to get a more complete performance about their benefits. For example, a virtual tour of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital is used for acquainting new employees and students with the working environment, patient chambers, and the latest therapeutic equipment. If you have any questions, you can find answers in our frequently asked questions section.

Virtual Tour 3D360