Virtual tour for service providers

 The 3D360° virtual tour opens up a number of technologically and practically new possibilities. Is it only useful for businesses that sell products? Absolutely not! In this blog, we will explain why a virtual tour is also useful for service providers such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, beauty salons, conference room renters and other businesses that want to provide their customers with the best experience when receiving services. Matterport ‘s virtual tour technology provides a convenient way to help business owners sell and showcase their services.


Virtual tour for restaurants

The way to the heart is through the stomach, and we can perceive this love with our eyes. Imagine that you are a hungry customer and you notice two restaurants, which one would you choose: a restaurant that does not have photos and video clips, or a restaurant that makes itself known with a virtual tour ? We think you don’t have to look far for the answer! Whether you’re a small corner bar, a mid-sized restaurant, or a franchise chain, it’s important to showcase your facilities and amenities. The development of a virtual tour also improves Google reviews , or customers are more likely to leave “stars”, as it can be concluded in time whether the place meets their needs. If the company does not have good reviews, then customers are likely to be skeptical about choosing a restaurant. The digital world is the backbone of today, so it is important to provide a good virtual information base that will tell customers about your business not only when they are looking for a restaurant, but also, for example, when using Google Street View they notice that you can virtually “go into” a restaurant and study which table will be comfortable to sit at. Provide next level service! Add a link to the restaurant so that the user of the virtual tour can immediately book a table. In our opinion, a virtual tour is a great solution to stand out from the competition, become more futuristic and keep up with the times. 

Virtual tour for hotels

By what criteria do you choose a hotel? Virtual tourism is a growing segment of the hospitality industry that relies on the use of technology to deliver unique and immersive experiences to potential guests, customers and visitors. Hospitality businesses, from restaurants to hotels and resorts, are also using virtual marketing to drive business and customer interest. Many hotel owners are following the trends of the digital transformation era and using virtual tours to reach potential customers more successfully. With virtual tours , potential clients can “try out” hotel rooms by immersing themselves in a virtual simulation. Virtual guests can teleport from one area of the hotel to another or from one place in the room to another, simulating physical movement. With virtual tours of the hotel , potential guests can “try before you buy”. They can research a hotel and decide whether to book a room without being overwhelmed by the many time-consuming descriptions. As in the case of the restaurant business, virtual tours of hotels can be added to Google Street View, which provides potential customers with round-the-clock access to the premises .


Virtual tour for beauty salons

Yes, that’s right – we also recommend developing a virtual tour for beauty industry businesses . Such places are mostly visited by women, and it is clear that the decor, interior and other visual pleasures are important for them. Given the fierce competition in the beauty industry, a virtual tour can help increase sales of services. Let clients decide to visit your salon from home. They can easily take a tour of the salon to gain confidence before they start preparing for their visit, and the virtual tour can include a Book Now button for direct feedback and purchases.


Virtual tour for tenants

In previous blogs , we have already written that virtual tours are especially suitable for businesses renting premises . Where is it even easier? Send a link to a virtual tour to an interested person so they can remotely check if the venues are suitable for their event. Thus, you save time for yourself and make it easier for the client to make a decision. In addition to high quality photos, adding a virtual guide to your property can make your rental listing stand out, improve your SEO position, and attract more potential tenants. 3D360 Virtual Tour for Service Providers We’d like to share more about how your business can increase bookings and sales with 3D360 Virtual Tour! If you want to see examples of our clients who successfully work in the market of services with virtual tours, go to our section – projects . Also, if you have any questions, please go to our FAQ section and maybe you will find the answer there.


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