Atypical virtual tours

Virtual tours have evolved to such a level that today they offer not only the opportunity to explore popular tourist destinations, but also explore unconventional and often not particularly attractive places and objects. Engineering networks, large commercial facilities, architectural projects and their digitalization have become the main elements of this new concept of virtual tourism. In this blog you will learn about unusual virtual tour projects.

Virtual tours for construction and renovation purposes

Renovation work: By creating virtual tours of objects, engineers and architects can verify the possibilities of digitalization , or “copy” important construction objects into a digital environment. This allows planning and evaluation of construction projects, interior layout and material selection. Thus, virtual tours become an indispensable tool for creative work and high-quality design developments.

Old Buildings and Utilities: Virtual tours can provide a convenient way to explore old buildings and their services. Engineers can use digital technologies to study the structures of past communication networks and optimize the viability of existing buildings.

Digitized attic : Using digital technology, you can study the attic, rafters and floors. This approach provides details about building structures, such as ceiling heights and floor area information, which can be especially important in the work of engineers and architects, and the digital copy is freely available and reusable. This saves time and reduces risk by eliminating the need to navigate unsafe locations and unstable structures!

Virtual tours for large areas

Virtual tours offer the opportunity to explore large areas such as stadiums, arenas and stages. Such venues can be more than just entertainment venues, they can provide rationale for event selection, as well as ideal locations for large-scale public events.

Stadiums, sports fields, ice rink: Virtual tours can be used to experience stadiums and sports venues from a new angle. Sponsors have the opportunity to use virtual tours to showcase their advertising and brand, allowing users to immerse themselves in digital sporting events.

Roof measurements: Digitalization and virtual tours provide a valuable tool for measuring the height of stadium and arena roofs. This is very important to determine whether new sports facilities meet international standards and competition requirements.

Hangars, Warehouses: Hangars are often used for a variety of commercial and industrial purposes. By moving these objects into a digital environment, you can manage them more effectively and determine the possible advantageous location of various goods and reserves.

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Atypical virtual tours provide an excellent opportunity to discover and explore various places and objects that would otherwise be difficult to reach. It is a journey that allows you to think creatively, use technology innovatively , and gain new knowledge. So, whether you are a true technology enthusiast or an architecture and engineering professional, virtual tours offer a new and magical experience.

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