Virtual tours – travels in external territories 

Latvia, our picturesque Baltic country, is rich in natural beauty and a variety of outdoor leisure opportunities. Although it is not always possible to come in person and enjoy such magnificence, virtual tours provide us with the opportunity to visit beautiful places, enjoying their essence and unforgettable views. In this article, we will look at several examples of how virtual tours open up opportunities to enjoy the natural treasures of Latvia and visually get acquainted with the possibilities of outdoor activities. 

3D copies of natural parks and objects


There are many impressive and interesting national parks in Latvia. A virtual tour can take you along the paths of the parks, revealing picturesque valleys, cliffs, ancient estates or castles. Latvia is also rich in spacious swampy areas, forests and river valleys. Thanks to the virtual tour, you can even get to know the space exploration center, climbing the observation decks and enjoying the scenery.
On the ski slopes during the winter season, you can enjoy outdoor activities, so a virtual tour can be a profitable way to offer customers to get acquainted with the variety of mountains and slopes. Also, with the help of a virtual tour, you can show mountain landscapes and get acquainted with the surroundings, enjoying the picturesque natural views.
Virtual tours do not always mean only natural landscapes. There are many breweries in Latvia, surrounded by charming nature! A virtual tour can be a combination of both the interior of the breweries , and the territory and the local store.
Virtual tours are an excellent way to get to know the treasures of Latvia’s nature and culture from the comfort of your own home. They allow us to enjoy and appreciate the beauties of our land and gain new knowledge about the environment and culture. Virtual tours offer us the opportunity to be responsible travelers and enjoy the riches of our planet, while staying in touch with nature and culture right from home, while staying on the couch.

Virtual tours of external territories for merchants and local governments

Virtual tours of external territories are a beneficial solution for both merchants and local governments, as they offer a number of advantages and opportunities for attracting customers , developing the tourism industry and providing more efficient information provision. In addition, the publication of a virtual tour in Google Maps provides special access to various natural objects in the Internet environment. The following are the main reasons why virtual tours are so beneficial for both parties.
For merchants:
⦁ High Engagement Probability: Virtual tours allow merchants to capture customer interest and offer choices, allowing potential visitors to experience and explore places and products from anywhere in the world.
⦁ New market segments: Virtual tours allow merchants to attract new market segments and foreign visitors, thereby expanding their customer base and developing international connections.
⦁ Way of additional advertising: Virtual is an excellent type of advertising that attracts attention and provides an opportunity to effectively present products or services, forming a positive brand image and certain specific benefits.
⦁ Resource Savings : With virtual tours, businesses can reduce the cost of traditional marketing materials and physical tour guides while offering digital and interactive experiences to customers.

For local governments:

⦁ Development of the tourism industry: Virtual tours allow local governments to effectively promote tourism development , attracting both local residents and foreign visitors.
⦁ Popularization of objects for sightseeing: Virtual tours help to promote and make available objects of regional value , cultural and historical monuments, natural wonders and other objects worth visiting.
⦁ Improving tourism information: Virtual tours provide customers with the opportunity to explore sites, activities and offers, providing better access to tourism information and attracting more interest from potential visitors.
⦁ Increased competitiveness: Local governments offering virtual tours can stand out from other regions by improving tourism infrastructure and providing rich and engaging experiences to their target audiences.

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In general, virtual tours are a modern, innovative and convenient way to attract customers and develop the tourism industry. They provide an opportunity to showcase and promote the values of the outlying territories, culture and history, providing clients with an authentic and rich experience that contributes to both the growth and development of businesses and local governments.
In the ” projects ” section of our website, you can familiarize yourself with virtual tours in order to more clearly see their advantages. And also, if you have any questions, perhaps in our FAQ section you can find answers to them.

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