Why does a business need a virtual tour? (part 2)


We continue the topic of our blog about the arguments in favor of virtual tours for enterprises in various industries. We share facts that contribute to the development of enterprises operating, for example, in the field of trade, construction, tourism, outdoor activities, accommodation services, beauty care and various other industries, and which allow you to positively and profitably stand out from competitors.


The benefits of a virtual tour

Each entrepreneur, developing an enterprise, is faced with the question of why one should invest in certain activities? What benefit will the company get from this? Will such an investment pay off? In this article you can find answers, besides, we will try to talk about the benefits that clearly confirm the need for a virtual tour as a solution for enterprises operating in various industries.

#1 Improve your site’s SEO

Well-designed virtual tour content can help improve your positioning in search engines, thereby improving the site’s overall digital rank. In addition, Google, as thumbnails, displays sites with the highest quality images in search results. Among other things, a virtual tour can increase the number of visits to the site.


#2 Involve collaboration partners

Help cooperation partners sell your services and products. Some types of entrepreneurial activity are difficult to describe in words. Creating a virtual tour will help potential collaboration partners get an idea of what it’s like to ­work with your business or sell your products. These types of tours are great for restaurants and other businesses whose success is directly dependent on customer satisfaction.


#3 Improve customer service

By allowing customers to explore your business before they actually visit, you can help them make informed decisions about whether to do business with you. Virtual tours can have a positive effect on loyalty and provide good reviews from customers. In certain types of business activities, for example, in the field of real estate trading, with the help of a virtual tour it is possible to partially replace the presence of an employee, since each object does not need to be shown individually. The virtual tour also provides an opportunity for a first sightseeing tour.


#4 Used to develop various types of business activities


A virtual tour can drive sales and build an image, in fact, this solution is suitable for almost any type of business that has a physical location. The solution can be useful for both service providers and businesses that sell or rent premises.


#5 Used for online businesses

A virtual tour in the field of online sales can be used as an effective marketing tool. Online businesses can use virtual tours to showcase their website or product. Virtual tours can be used in a variety of ways to promote the development of online businesses, such as showcasing the workplace where the company’s employees work, thus alleviating labor shortages.


#6 Stand out from the competition

Since online search is the most popular search these days, it’s important to find ways to make your business stand out. A virtual tour is a great way to achieve this, as it provides an experience of presence that cannot be found elsewhere.


#7 Improve your site’s search engine rank

Google and other search engines use algorithms to determine which sites are most relevant to the user, and one of the factors that is evaluated is the time spent by the user on your site. Since virtual tours provide more compelling content than traditional images or text, users tend to stay longer on the site, which helps you rank higher in the search engines.

#8 Make Enterprise Affordable

In an age where people are looking for information online, it’s important to provide easy access to their interests. Virtual tours allow users from all over the world to visit your facility without the need for in-person visits. This can provide a more immersive experience that is incomparable to traditional sites or videos.


3D360 virtual tour

3D360 virtual tours can provide businesses with a number of benefits. Not only do they provide customers with the most engaging experience, but they can also improve SEO , site rank, and attract new customers. Thanks to this, we can say that virtual tours are a great way to grow your business. They form the first impression with customers and save time and money by selling products or services, increase traffic to your website, and more. A virtual tour is especially important for young, growing businesses!

If you want to see companies that are already successfully using virtual tours, go to our section – projects . And also, if you have any questions, go to our FAQ section and maybe that’s where you can find the answer. For more arguments in favor of using a virtual tour, see part 1 of the blog. ( link )

We will help you achieve the desired result with the help of a virtual tour !

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