Virtual tour and “arrow tour” – what are the differences?


Probably the first question that most of the readers of this blog ask is what is a “ Arrow tour ? Let’s clarify that this is the simplest version of the virtual tour, which functionally and visually practically does not equate to the virtual Matterport tours . Nevertheless, the “arrow tour” is also popularly called a traditional virtual tour. In the continuation of this blog, this topic and the significant differences between the two solutions mentioned will be explained in more detail.

Virtual “Arrow tour”

Arrow tour  Is a virtual tour of several 360 ° images stacked together. The viewer of the virtual tour, by clicking on the arrows, can observe chaotic movements in the room, since the virtual tour jumps to each next  360° image . Such a solution simply cannot provide a view that could be enjoyed, since the viewer’s eyes cannot perceive movements that are not combined by a three dimensional effect.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that arrow tours still retained their popularity over the years, because before there were no other alternative technologies capable of displaying premises and objects so realistically. Today, technical solutions have changed so much that a virtual tour, in fact, replaces personal visits.

Why not choose a virtual “Arrow tour?

We have several answers to this question that those who have never used virtual tours before will notice with the naked eye.

  • Such tours have no connection between locations, the view is so changeable that the viewer does not perceive the footage of the room.
  • “Shooting tours” can include only 16 photographs. That’s right – it is simply impossible to tie a larger number together, which means that such a tour is not suitable for large areas.
  • Time is money, and entrepreneurs are interested in getting a virtual tour as soon as possible. Subsequent processing of the “Arrow tour” takes from three days or more.
  • If you have chosen a “Arrow tour”, you must reckon with the fact that the developer will give you the tour file and you will need to independently figure out how to publish the tour on your website.
  • In addition to the above, perspective is disturbed by the “Fish eye” effect.

In turn, in this paragraph we will briefly outline the positive aspects of arrow tours. First, they are cheaper! It is very simple and indisputable that this information can be checked on the Internet, but here the main emphasis should be on the fact that the price affects only us, as sellers, developers. If we choose a high-quality virtual tour , which will cost us more, we care about the high level of the service we offer, since the prices for virtual tours on the market are approximately the same, just someone chooses to make them in the form of “arrow tours”. This is a fact that everyone who plans to look for competitive virtual tour developers will have to learn and think about!

Matterport Virtual Tour

Matterport is a company that provides software and software support for virtual tours also provides hosting in the cloud program. After the development of a virtual site, only a link is needed and available, which must be placed on the client’s site.

Today Matterport Is the best premium option available on the market , which offers users 3D images that are as close to real premises and objects as possible.

Why Choose Matterport Virtual Tour?

We share facts that you can personally verify by opening any of the virtual tours we have developed .

  • Matterport 3D camera allows the viewer to explore the room, the image of which is made up of more than 200 “sewn” together 360 images on .
  • Using the function “view of the dollhouse” ( on the site – “View Dollhouse” ) offers the opportunity to inspect the room from all angles, as well as take a virtual walk around the room. Both the room and the objects and objects in it can be viewed from different angles.  
  • You can get a floor plan and 3D models of the premises, on which anyone can measure objects.
  • The virtual tour is ready within 24 hours.
  • Matterport tours integrate with Google Street View , thus allowing the customer to “enter” your premises.
  • These tours are compatible with virtual reality goggles .
  • It is possible to mark an unlimited number of interactive points with video, audio, links, texts, etc.
  • Tours are exported in 4k videos and 2D images .
  • The tour is an automatic guided tour showing the object on your own.
  • A conveniently used virtual tour that is available online on any smart device.

In fact, this list could be continued, but in this blog we would like to note only the most significant advantages that are noticed and appreciated even by those who have never encountered this kind of virtual solution . In terms of technological solutions and practical application, Matterport is currently the market leader, which is why we offer our customers a service using this software. There are still more budget solutions provided by other software developers, but they are functionally of significantly lower quality and provide a “Arrow tour” experience.

If you would like to receive more detailed information about the main differences – contact us ! We are open to consultation and advice.

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