Walk around the office with Google Street View

We are used to using Google Street View (GSV) to view specific streets or buildings, and thus better navigate in real life and quickly find the target location. How could it be that with the help of GSV we can “receive” visitors in our premises and provide the ability to move and interact without restrictions in a space that physically exists in real life? You can already guess “which way the wind is blowing” – the answer is a virtual tour.

Matterport connected to Google Street View

Double win in one decision, this is how the integration of Matterport + Google Street View (GSV) can be explained. You can show your company on the map with a virtual tour that will stay with GSV forever.
Google is the easiest way to find different companies in one place. The ability to find a business on the Google search engine is an integral part of modern marketing today, especially in the current environment of fierce competition for customer attention. According to a study by Ipsos, companies found using the Google search engine:
    • 94% more reliable,
    • 38% more often used,
    • 29% more often motivate consumers to consider the possibility of purchasing goods or services.
These statistics show that taking a virtual tour not only helps to create an immersive experience, but also provides a place in the Google search engine using Street View. What is this business if you can’t find it on Google?
However, if the above reasons do not seem compelling enough, then in addition to this, businesses that are in GSV also rank higher in search results and generate more interest, as well as look more attractive. According to Google statistics, 44% of consumers use mapping services, including GSV, to find businesses.
Why is virtual tour effective?
We know that for many companies, the future prospects are still unclear. Covid-19 and the newly introduced restrictions significantly hamper the work in the trade and services industry. Therefore, we want to help and propose to facilitate the access of customers to your enterprise with the help of a virtual tour. Matterport is a virtual software provider that develops virtual tours and we also provide the publication of a specific facility or location on Google Street View (GSV).
This is an effective solution, because by viewing the map using the GSV service, the client can virtually enter your premises and, with a few clicks, make purchases or learn more about the goods and services offered. In fact, this combination of the two solutions provides the closest possible effect of presence, which is currently being particularly negatively affected by the spread of the Covid-19 virus. However, even if the restrictions are lifted, the combination of the virtual tour and GSV will work as a modern pre-sale service, since the client will have free access to the company anytime, anywhere in the world.
24/7 approach to the company
The introduction of a virtual tour of your enterprise in the GSV service allows customers to view a store or institution using a 3d report, thus ensuring the operation of the enterprise almost around the clock. If customers want to come in person, they will be able to move around the premises faster, as they previously viewed them virtually and know the layout of the store. Saving time and convenience are important motives when choosing a supplier. It is possible that these factors will make your company stand out from the competition. If customers want to buy something or order food to go, they can do it with the confidence that this is a company in which they feel comfortable.
We believe virtual tours can be the next most effective place after physical visits, and their integration with Google Street View can really help provide the visibility companies need during the current trials. Show your brand on the map, invite people to your company – this is a win for you and convenience for customers!
If you have any questions, go to our Frequently Asked Questions Section and you may find the answer there!

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