The retail industry is adapting to the digital world

Recent challenges have led to changes in various industries around the world. Our 3D360 team has been working on solutions to offer our customers ways to do business a little differently , but no less efficiently . As the impact of COVID-19 was felt around the world, companies and people adapted to a more virtual lifestyle.

What does the trade industry have to do with virtual tours?

We answered that most directly! For some businesses, remote marketing seems unrealistic, but it is not, and the virtual tour solution helps to increase sales. For some companies, recent changes have acted as a positive stepping stone , moving forward and digitally transforming . Looking to the future of retail , it is clear that success is expected in those companies that are able to use technology and adapt to consumer needs , the market situation .

New approaches to brand selection

Matterport has developed a global consumer survey, combining it with a number of retail industry studies that reveal that the key trends for the future of enterprise space management and e-commerce are:

  • Building managers are beginning to take on more strategic roles in solving real estate management problems.
  • Consumers appreciate the convenience of online shopping, but lack the presence effect of being in a store.
  • The use of technology will be the key to making consumers feel more at home .
  • Using Matterport modern 3D technology, retailers if u have begun to adapt to the last time their tendencies and consumers engaged in new ways.

The virtual tour gives everyone the opportunity to visit stores, get acquainted and choose the brands they like. You can get to any retailer who has made a choice in favor of developing a virtual tour with one click. More importantly , how to further ensure that the customer makes a purchase? The virtual tour offers the option to add interactive points that “take” to the website’s online store , opening , for example, the specific product that the customer has virtually viewed . After scanning the stores , a three-dimensional space is provided , known as a 3D virtual tour. P syringes adopted is to visualize a real environment , which can interact . This is the best solution available on the market, as in many places it is still not possible to visit the premises in person due to security reasons or other restrictions on movement .

Trade in a virtual environment

Consumers around the world want to use virtual tour technology in their daily shopping processes. Companies that already use virtual tools see several benefits:

  • Reduced sales time . 3D tours simplify the brand creation and positioning process s.
  • Improved documentation and inventory management. 3D tour allows you to easily keep track of store space arrangement, assortment layout , etc .
  • Feedback and statistics . The virtual tour offers information about visits, so it is possible to improve marketing activities, optimize inventory and increase revenue.
  • 3D technology has already ” moved ” the market situation in various industries, both among consumers and companies . However, there is still room for development as this technology continues to enhance tons of retail experience.

Creating the future of your business today is quite realistic. This is confirmed by our satisfied customers, who acknowledge that sales have improved thanks to the development of the virtual tour. If you want to see examples of successful Work  with virtual tours, go to our section – projectsAlso, if you have any questions, go to our FAQ section and maybe that’s where you will find the answer.

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