Tips : How to use the virtual tour?

We all understand that in the conditions of technological flourishing, we often do not even have time to perceive and understand everything. Buttons, programs, options and many other settings are ambiguous and even incomprehensible. Therefore, we take on the important topic of FAQs . How to use the virtual tour? What do virtual tour buttons do? How can I navigate the virtual tour?


is most convenient to move (turn around, move, look around the room from all sides) on the computer, using the WASD keys , in turn, you can turn the camera with the arrows. Just like in life, we rotate our heads to see what is on different sides. In addition, you can use the circles on the floor, after clicking on them with the “mouse”, the virtual tour transfers the view to the selected point. The same principle applies to the ability to go up and down the floors – by clicking on the active point on the stairs.

Regular view

This is how the virtual tour looks after the user clicked on the link to the virtual tour . The whole object is visible and the menu is available in the lower part, or different possibilities of views and functions:

  • Floor selector (bottom left – the ability to select one or all floors of the building for viewing);
  • Share  ( bottom right – the ability to send a virtual tour to others via SMS or social networks);
  • VR mode ( top right – the ability to watch the tour in virtual reality googles) ;
  • Full screen mode (bottom right – the ability to watch the tour in full screen) .

View in measurement mode

You have no doubt noticed that there are other view options on the bottom panel that appear after entering the virtual tour. Virtual tour also offers a measurement mode, which means that any object can be measured and its real dimensions can be understood. Measurements of objects can be done as follows – hold down the right mouse button and drag the mouse cursor to the second corner of the object being measured.

  • View of the dollhouse, or view of the 3D model (bottom left – the ability to select the 3D view , allowing you to view the entire building project as a whole, from different sides) ;
  • View “Floor plan” (bottom left – the ability to select the type of project layout);
  • Comments (bottom left – the ability to read comments if they are published for the room);
  • Measurement mode activated (bottom left, if the measurement mode is activated – the ability to make a new measurement and delete it);
  • Changing units of measurement (top right “gear” – the ability to change the unit of measurement from inches to meters and vice versa);
  • Exit the measurement mode (upper right “X” – the ability to turn off the measurement mode).

Guided tour and Interactive Items

Matterport offers the opportunity to simplify and improve the experience of virtual tours, and to make it so that the user does not need to press buttons and choose the direction in which to move. The simplest option is an automatic tour that will take you on a tour of the most important points of the property.

  • Guided tour (at the bottom left ” play ” – the ability to turn on an automatic tour of the most interesting places, no further actions are required on the part of the user) ;
  • Gallery / Shortcuts (the bottom panel is a photo gallery with labels for the most interesting places of the tour, which we create at the request of the client) ;
  • Hide gallery/shortcuts (lower left “arrow” – the ability to close the labels of the most interesting places on the tour) ;
  • Interactive points (“colored dots” placed in different places of the tour – the ability to open informational texts, images, PDF , video and audio files that we attach at the request of the client).

We hope this “How to use the virtual tour ” blog has helped you understand and master the methods of navigating the virtual tour, however, we encourage everyone to experience the tour first hand and try out the buttons, options that allow you to enjoy the virtual experience in the most convenient way. If you have any additional questions – – contact us ! We are open for consultations and recommendations.

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