How can a virtual tour improve website SEO?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization ), or site optimization for search engines, is a complex of various actions that ensure that the site is the most popular in search engines, such as Google, and thus increases the ranking of sites and improves their position compared to other competitors. Would you believe if we say that a virtual tour significantly improves the SEO of a website? We will talk about this in this article.

Site content

Google loves quality content, especially fresh and educational information, in other words, reliable information. To improve a site’s SEO , it is necessary to create content so that visitors spend as much time as possible interacting with the site and sharing the information available on the site. Algorithms Google uses parameters that are measured based on the time spent on the site, therefore it is quite fair to conclude that a user who visits the site and spends more time viewing the virtual tour “gives” signals to the Google system that the site can be evaluated as high-quality and the right to occupy the top positions in the search engine results.

The Matterport virtual tours speak for themselves. They stand out in particular for their high quality 3D technology, providing visitors with an experience that motivates them to explore the virtual tour more and longer. For example, the latest research shows that real estate sites that publish virtual tours typically get 4x more clicks and 5x longer visits than other sites. Unfortunately, 2D photo images have already become history, so in order to improve SEO, it is necessary to offer your enterprise in 3D format at any place and at any time, making the site modern and dynamic.

Matterport virtual tours serve as compelling content for high-quality sites such as news portals and national media. Thus, if an interesting virtual tour related to a current topic is available on your site, news portals or other resources with high traffic intensity will be able to conveniently share it with their audience. The ability to share your virtual tour on other internet portals also improves domain metrics and search engine position results or organic SEO results.

3D virtual tours – SEO “booster”

Google’s algorithms are complex and intelligent, virtual tours, like interactive and engaging content, improve SEO in many ways.

Providing digital content that generates high interest is one of the most important, and cost effective, ways. This is especially true for small businesses that may not have as much of a budget for advertising investment (non-organic results), instead focusing on creating creative content that delivers high engagement and improves SEO performance .

3D virtual tours is a technology that provides the user with an interactive experience. It has been proven that a 3D virtual tour available on the site, thanks to interactive content, triples the time spent by the user on the site, and the longer the user interacts with the site of the enterprise, the higher the likelihood that a cooperation will be concluded with the enterprise and the user will become a new client.

3D virtual tours can serve as a multi-media and content hub in an enterprise, using interactive dots where videos, text, images, music and links can be added, creating 3D “virtual libraries” content that the end user can explore. Clickable points increase the time users spend on the site, getting information from the virtual tour, therefore, again, SEO is improved.


Attract a customer with Google Street View

As we discussed in another blog , a virtual tour can be placed and integrated with Google Street View , which is a valuable tool that can be used to improve SEO results and gain Google’s trust. Let’s look at a real example.

If someone searches on Google for a place to drink coffee, they are shown search results that include sites for coffee shops nearby. If a cafe has a virtual tour linked to the cafe’s website, the person looking for the cafe will be able to click on the image and explore the cafe. Since virtual tours have already been proven to triple the time a user spends on a site, Google will understand that people in this cafe spend more time than on competitor sites, thus improving the SEO position for the cafe. In addition, this has been proven to have a direct effect on booking growth, as Google offers a “Contact” button, and in this way users who interact with the virtual tour can immediately show interest without visiting other sites, and, most likely, they will do just that, because they have already spent their time looking through the tour and immersing themselves in the premises and atmosphere.


What do we want to say to all of this? If users tend to spend more time on a site, Google will automatically pick up signals that the site is attractive and informative, which will benefit other users. So the trick is to include content that will hold the attention and interest of visitors for as long as possible, so that such actions get into the SEO algorithm. Virtual tours do just that – after all, users will spend time on the site exploring the premises, and this kind of information can attract and hold people’s attention for much longer than usual. That is why a virtual tour on the site of your company increases the time spent on the site and increases the rank in the Google search engine. If you have any questions, we at 3D360 are happy to answer them to provide you with an excellent experience and quality virtual tours.

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