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Digital transformation has also entered the hotel and accommodation industry , offering new ways for travelers to discover potential places to stay. A virtual tour is an exciting solution that offers clients a new visual dimension, while for entrepreneurs such tours provide an opportunity to stand out from competitors. In this article we will look at how virtual tours affect hotels, users of the and platforms , as well as owners of places to stay.

Benefits for virtual tour users

As the first and most important advantage, it is worth mentioning the life-like, realistic experience that is provided by creating a virtual tour, after a digital inspection of the accommodation, or, for example, the SPA area, the equipment of the gym, the amenities offered by restaurants, conference rooms and other premises. Virtual tours provide users with the opportunity to “wander” through hotels and apartments online, enjoying a realistic 3D 360-degree environment . This allows clients to form a clearer idea of the atmosphere of the chosen location and the layout of the interior compared to viewing photographs.
At the same time, a virtual tour helps you save time! Thanks to this solution, travelers can quickly and efficiently explore several potential places to stay without even leaving home. This saves time and energy and helps you make smarter decisions.
The modern world is already unimaginable without interactivity. The virtual tour offers it in the most direct way! Users can interact with and discover hotels and apartments, look around, navigate spaces, and experience virtual room information points that include explanations, videos, links, and other applications. In addition, the virtual tour can also be integrated into Google Maps , which means that potential clients go to the virtual trip directly from the Google search engine , and can make their choice in favor of a hotel or any other place to stay.
Travel also involves thoughtful planning and reserving overnight accommodations before you set off. Virtual tours allow users to select and plan their overnight stay in advance, making choices based on the options offered in a realistic overview.

Benefits for businesses

The most important thing is to increase the number of reservations! By offering virtual tours, businesses increase their chances of convincing potential customers to book their place for an overnight stay because users get a better idea of what a particular place has to offer.
Fewer “unpleasant surprises”? Yes exactly! Virtual tours reduce the risk that customers will be dissatisfied with their chosen accommodation or room upon arrival. This will also help avoid unnecessary complaints and increase customer satisfaction , thereby also improving service levels and ratings on accommodation platforms such as and
Another important benefit is improved advertising effectiveness. Virtual tours are an excellent way to improve your digital presence . Entrepreneurs can integrate such a solution into their marketing strategy, attracting customers with modern and visually appealing content.
We keep up with the times, remain innovative! By offering virtual tours, businesses are demonstrating their willingness to adapt to the latest technologies and provide travelers with an innovative and modern experience that will soon become a common visual solution. This is an excellent opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering your customers a simplified and improved accommodation experience!

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Virtual tours have undoubtedly become an integral part of the digital strategy of the hotel and accommodation industry. Not only do they offer users new and improved ways to choose their place to stay, but they also improve the ability of entrepreneurs to attract customers and provide a positive experience. Virtual tours are building bridges between the digital world and the hospitality industry , opening up new opportunities for travelers and entrepreneurs alike.
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