Virtual tours in medicine

Along with technology development and evolvement, our world is becoming more and more interconnected and accessible. This progress also applies to the medical industry, where 3D360 virtual tours are gaining increasing importance. In the last decade, digital technologies have successfully been introduced in the healthcare, providing revolutionary solutions for both patients and medical staff. One of these innovative means is virtual tours, which offer the opportunity to virtually visit medical facilities and hospitals. From patient awareness to medical student learning, virtual tours provide exciting and innovative opportunities. In this article, we will see how virtual tours affect the medical industry and how they can be used in different areas.

Availability of premises

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can often cause anxiety and worry in patients, especially if they are visiting the facility for the first time or if they require a long stay and treatment. Virtual tours are a modern solution that allows patients to familiarize themselves with hospital premises and surroundings before visit, helping to reduce anxiety and promote greater comfort.

3D360 virtual tours allow patients to visually explore hospital premises before visiting. They can virtually walk through the corridors, visit different departments and view examination rooms and medical equipment 24 hours a day.

Acquaintance with the hospital premises in a virtual environment allows patients to better prepare for the visit. They can understand more precisely where certain departments or rooms are located and also how to get from one place to another, thus conveniently planning their time and avoiding unnecessary searching.

Virtual tours help reduce the emotional pressure and stress that patients may experience during visit. Previous familiarization with the hospital environment helps patients feel more comfortable and manage their emotions.

For people with disabilities or mobility impairments, virtual tours allow to familiarize themselves with the layout and anticipate obstacles they may encounter. Using the 3D360 virtual tour, users can get an idea of how to move around the premises, where to find the most convenient accesses, elevators and toilets. Additionally, this type of tour allows people to gain a better understanding of the additional features built into the building, such as wheelchair lifts and tactile signs.

Informing the medical staff

Medical personnel face many situations on a daily basis that require accurate decisions and quick response. Virtual tours are a valuable tool to help medical professionals prepare for a variety of situations, including emergency evacuation. Virtual tours allow to familiarize yourself with the layout of the room and evacuation exits, so the medical staff can practice performing virtual evacuations, choosing optimal routes, ensuring the safety of patients and cooperating effectively with other colleagues.

Teaching of medical students

3D360 virtual tours are an effective aid for medical students and medical personnel, providing an opportunity to prepare for emergency situations, as well as to increase their knowledge and skills. Virtual tours are a modern approach that is changing the medical industry. They provide new opportunities for education, research and clinical practice, thereby also improving patient care. In addition, virtual tours make the experience of patient visits more understandable as well as more comfortable.

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