How has the Covid-19 virus affected you and your socialization processes? We at 3D360 have worked to make the day-to-day operations of the virus easier and to keep our customers productive, as well as making information available despite changing circumstances.

What has changed?

If you pay attention to the statistics, which reveal our partner Matterport – 69% seller claims that the 3D home tours Covid-19 time is required. This data is easily justified as the building space projection, or realistic panoramas, we are giving everyone options anywhere on your couch. Sounds like the unattainable peaks of the future, but no! We 3D360 designed virtual tours, scan rooms, objects, terraces, parks, museums, cars, and much more to create a 360-degree display for everyone and replace the very usual and pleasant face effect. It is clear that for most companies this time has been negative or even devastating. However, we go around the boundaries and offer something that will increase sales results.

Virtual tour – a sales solution

Selling has always been difficult because convincing and liking is not that easy. A virtual tour is a great sales tool that will make it easier for any salesperson. Less communication but better information flow. It sounds like fairy tales again, but that’s not all! Creating a virtual tour you to our customers by means of a link, can I not only just a show but also tell you about products, services, real estate or anything else. The virtual tour is multifunctional, as you can add interactive points to which you can click and highlight details, or add additional information in the interactive points of the virtual tour we can add links, videos, texts, various links, etc. With the help of interactive points, it is possible to mention various devices, designer aspects (e.g. names and authors of paintings), restaurant menu, instructions for using a device, or link to the product online store. A virtual tour is a good substitute for a seller!

360 degree room scanning

It might seem that in a simple version, filming an object gives visitors the opportunity to understand what the premises will look like on the spot. We would like to challenge this view because only the 360-degree solution of the virtual tour allows you to move freely anywhere in the virtual tour. A good example, in this case, is the scanning of 360-degree premises with a view to selling real estate. People will choose a place that they have looked at carefully and will be sure that their requirements will be met. If the buyer is far from the real estate he wants to buy difficult conditions are already beginning to develop. Restrictions on Covid-19 on-site visits also contribute to this. While the virtual tour provides opportunities for u to move through the interior, as well as appearances by not count as times, as well as giving a clear picture of each room, interior, furniture placement and more. This is not only our view but also confirmed by statistics. After Matterport ‘s study, 83% of sellers believe that thanks to the virtual tour they offer real estate buyers will purchase it even without a viewing spot. Another interesting fact reveals – 87% of sellers considered the 3D virtual tours to better reflect their houses than just video and photos. These are just some aspects that encourage the choice between a virtuals tour s development However, we recommend that you understand whether the virtual tour will be really useful for your field. If you have any questions, go to our FAQ section and maybe that’s where you will find the answer.

3D360 virtual tours